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MAE Awarded Contract To Supply Mileage Accumulation Test Cell For Testing Motorcycles And Off-Road Four-Wheeled ATVs To Environment Canada.

Mustang Advanced Engineering today announced that the company has been awarded a contract worth approximately $500K to supply a complete turnkey mileage accumulation test cell including an AC motor chassis dynamometer, robot driver, and a pre-engineered modular sound abatement dynamometer test cell to Environment Canada.


The Motorcycle/ATV Chassis Dynamometer is intended to be used to perform mileage accumulation and emissions certification testing while performing a variety of drive cycles for motorcycles and ATVs having a loaded vehicle mass between 80 – 550 kg. The dynamometer is an AC motor (absorbing/motoring) dynamometer capable of producing a load at 65 km/hr as described in CFR 40 part 86, section 508.78. The dynamometer is capable of producing loads to meet the ECE R40, ECE R47 and the CNS (Taiwan) test procedures as well as customized mode up to the performance specifications outlined.


Mustang’s sophisticated PowerDyne Dynamometer Controller and Software will be supplied with the turnkey system to provide a state-of-the-art dyne contoller, a number of pre-configured test sequences and driver’s traces, and a comprehensive data acquisition package. The Robotic Driver that will be furnished with the system includes 4-Axis control of the throttle, clutch, gear shift, and front brake.  The robot driver will be seamlessly integrated with the PowerDyne Software.


All of the test equipment hardware to be supplied will be housed in a 20’ x 20’ pre-engineered, modular sound abatement dynamometer cell. In addition to housing the dynamometer and other hardware, the test cell will include a silenced ventilation system that will provide approximately 8 air changes per minute while still maintaining the noise reduction requirements of this application.


Mustang Advanced Engineering, an operating division of Mustang Dynamometer, is located in Twinsburg, Ohio where the company has been based since 1986. Mustang Dynamometer offers an industry leading line-up of high performance dynamometers and related products. Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading supplier of advanced, custom engineering testing and measurement systems.
For more information please visit our website or contat Mustang Advanced Engineering.

MAE delivers Nebraska Tractor Test Compliant Mobile Tow Dynamometer Laboratory to Inifap.


MAE recently delivered a sophisticated Mobile Laboratory Tow Dynamometer for use in validating tractors to the Nebraska Tractor Test Drawbar Test. Previously MAE delivered the PTO test stand, which is used to perform the PTO portion of the Nebraska Tractor Test to the same customer. The Mobile Lab Tow Dynamometer consists of a modified extended cab class-8 over-the-road truck with a modified powertrain and adjustable front tongue assembly. The system is supplied with a tractor fuel measurement system to measure the pulling tractors fuel usage during testing. A weather Station is located in the dynamometer system to measure ambient temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure, while a portable data pod located in the test tractor’s cab captures the tractor’s engine rpm, engine pressures & temperature. The system is also easily expanded to communicate with the tractor’s ECM.

The cab of the tow dynamometer was also modified with 4 custom air-ride chairs, a work station, alarge mounted plasma monitor, cabinets, and a laptop PC control system. The operator can adjust operating speed ranges right from the driver’s seat. A tractor to tow dynamometer communication system is installed so the system drivers can communicate to each other. The towing hitch assembly has the ability to automatically adjust from 200 to 1,000 mm (8″ to 39″) and can be operated in an auto-follow mode during tow operation.

This sophisticated tow dynamometer was developed and optimized to meet our customer’s specific application and testing requirements. This included maximum continuous drawbar capacity in excess of 130,000 N (30,000 Lbs.) and continuously power absorption in excess of 200 kW (270 Hp). The customer’s requirements limited the speed from 0.5 to 30 km/hr (.3 to 18.6 mph). Future systems that require higher or different performance criteria can be easiliy developed with an optimized powertrain system for power performance up to 450 kW (600 Hp), drawbar performance up to 225,000 N (50,000Lb.) and speeds up to 110 km/hr (70 mph).

MAE delivers custom engineered dynamometer for testing moving armor target vehicles to Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell.


Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a custom dynamometer to Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell for the testing of three different-sized Moving Armor Target (MAT) Vehicles ranging in size from 600 lbs to 3,200 lbs, each having a different wheel configurations and track widths and a series of electromagnetic trip sensors.

The dynamometer supplied by MAE was designed to enable MDS Caswell to perform road-load simulated acceleration testing as well as to apply simulated loads for constant velocity testing. The dynamometer was custom engineered to enable it to test three different moving target vehicles including, Moving Armor Target (MAT) model DP62, Elevated (MAT) model DP63, and the Moving Infantry Target (MIT) model DP28.

In addition to providing the engineering support for the design of the custom chassis dynamometer’s track, roller and vehicle restrain systems, Mustang’s needed to design a system to remotely trip various electromagnetic sensors located on the different MAT vehicles. To accomplish this and meet MDS Caswell’s requirements for this functionality, the engineers at MAE incorporated a series of air cylinders to enable the sensors to be tripped as required.

“For this project Mustang had to think out of the box a bit and be creative to come up with a system that was capable of handling such unique vehicles and testing requirements. Our engineers did a great job of handling all of the unique challenges this project threw at them and provided a design and system that exceeded our customers expectations.” stated Vice President of Sales, David Ganzhorn.

The MDS Caswell MAT vehicles are used to simulate a tank or other vehicle for live fire training and qualification programs. It provides training in detecting, identifying and firing upon moving tank targets under simulated combat conditions and is capable of lifting all full-scale flank targets.

MAE delivers Multi-Function EOL dynamometer & ABS Brake Tester to Superior Controls for testing Military MRAP 4×4 and 6×6 vehicles.

Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a turn-key End-of-Line multi-function test system to Superior Controls for the testing of the US Military’s Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)... More »

MAE delivers 8×8 independent wheel AC motor chassis dynamometer & Multi-Function Performance to BIT.

MAE recently completed the design and manufacture of one of the world’s largest Heavy-Duty AC Motor Chassis Dynamometers and Multi-Performance Testers for The Beijing Institute of Technology. The... More »

MAE delivers a newly designed 48? Electric AC Heavy-Duty Chassis Dynamometer to the University of California – Riveside, College of Engineering – Center of Environmental Research and Technology

The science of measuring emissions from mobile and other sources has evolved significantly over the past several years. The most important changes in the nature of emissions measurement science has been... More »

MAE delivers unique 4×4 chassis dynamometer to Lawrence Technological University Automotive Engineering Institute for advanced R&D of next generation vehicles.

Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a unique 4×4 vehicle chassis dynamometer to Lawrence Technological University’s Automotive Engineering Institute. The dynamometer features... More »

MAE teams up with the Kettering University Green Mobility Lab to deliver three specialized tester stands for Electric Vehicle Systems Simulation.

Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered three specialized test stands to Kettering University to support the university’s Green Mobility Lab located in Flint, Michigan.   The Kettering... More »

MAE delivers modular electric vehicle test lab equipped with a new MAE 48? roll AWD chassis dynamometer to Southern California-Edison.

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) is currently set to deliver a turnkey, modular, outdoor test lab for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle testing to Southern California – Edison. The MAE designed and... More »

Mustang delivers heavy-duty electric chassis dynamometer to Ohio State University

April 2011 – Twinsburg, Ohio – Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a heavy duty, electric motor, tandem axle chassis dynamometer system with a variable wheelbase system for testing... More »

Rochester Institute of Technology Engine Dynamometer Laboratory

  Among the facilities of Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS) is a dedicated laboratory for internal combustion research that is fully equipped with MAE systems. The Engine Dynamometer... More »

MAE Delivers Turnkey Heavy-Duty Cross-Drive Transmission Dynamometer for X200-4A Transmission Test Cell to Anniston Army Depot

November 2011 – Twinsburg, Ohio – Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a heavy-duty transmission dynamometer for testing of the X200-4A transmission for the Anniston Army Depot... More »

MAE Delivers a HSU Tester to Anniston Army Depot

December 2011 – Twinsburg, Ohio – Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered an HSU test stand designed to simulate transmission input speeds and loads and vehicle output loads to the... More »

MAE Delivers Brake Tester to EATON Corporation

December 5, 2011 – Mustang Advanced Engineering delivers an Inertia Test Stand for brake testing. The test stand utilizes a 40 HP AC Motor with corresponding variable frequency drive operating to... More »

Mustang Advanced Engineering Delivers End-of-Line Greensmower Tester to The TORO Company

  January 26, 2012 – Mustang Advanced Engineering delivers an end-of-line tester to The TORO Company for their line of Greensmowers. The unit is replacing The TORO Company’s existing... More »

Mustang Awarded Contract To Supply 8 x 8 Mobile Tow Dynamometer to Wanshan Specialty Vehicle Co.

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) today announced that the company has been awarded a contract to supply an 8 x 8 mobile tow dynamometer system to Hubei Sanjiang Space Wanshan Special Vehicle... More »

Mustang Awarded Contract To Supply Complete Turnkey End-of-Line Test System for RWTH-Aachen University’s Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Production Line

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) today announced that the company has been awarded a contract to supply and install a new test stand capable of conducting end-of-line tests on electric and hybrid... More »

Mustang Awarded Contract To Supply Complete Turnkey Test Stand For The U.S. Army’s Vehicle Innovative Powertrain Experimental Research (VIPER) Facility

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) today announced that the company has been awarded a contract to supply and install a new test stand capable of conducting experiments on a wide array of Army transmissions,... More »

Mustang Announces New Light Duty Emissions Testing System

October 29, 2015 – Twinsburg, Ohio, USA – Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) today announced the company has released a new product that merges on-road and chassis dynamometer emissions testing... More »