Electric Vehicle End of Line Test Solutions

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Electric Vehicle End of Line Test Solutions

Twinsburg, Ohio, September 14, 2020: Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) designs and manufactures made-to-order test stands for various electric vehicles (EV’s), including powerpacks and electric axle testing projects. MAE recently delivered a test stand to Proterra, a leading manufacturer of zero-emission heavy-duty EV’s based in California, for end-of-line and/or research and development testing of Proterra’s electric powerpacks. The system MAE delivered included a 350 HP regenerative AC dynamometer, 350-700 VDC programmable battery simulator, a cooling circuit with chiller and digital controller, vibration measurement, data acquisition, and MAE’s TestCell software package tailored to meet the customer’s unique needs. 

The Scope of the Project

For Proterra’s South Carolina facility, MAE designed and built a test stand that tests their electrified powerpacks. These tests are under fully loaded conditions and every powerpack is tested prior to being installed in the vehicle to insure the most stringent quality standards are met prior to the product being delivered to Proterra’s customers. MAE provided the capability to flash the powerpacks with the appropriate firmware and test it under in-use conditions.  “MAE specializes in making test stands that are made to clients’ specific needs, and the Proterra powerpack test stand demonstrates this expertise. There is no project that is too big or too small for the MAE team” said David Ganzhorn, V.P. Sales.


MAE’s EV powerpack end of line test solutions provided tests that are:
• Fully loaded testing of powerpacks by a regenerative AC dynamometer

• Flashing powerpacks with the appropriate firmware based upon model/barcode

• MAE’s TestCell software package configured to Proterra’s requirements 

Visit MustangAE.com or contact sales@MustangAE.com to find out more about Mustang Advanced Engineering and its line of Electric Vehicle testing solutions. 

About MAE

Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading supplier of advanced, custom engineered testing and measurement systems. Located in Twinsburg, Ohio since 1986, MAE delivers world-class testing solutions, custom design support, technical assistance, backed by a dedicated factory service team, making them a trusted source of expertise for the global industrial market. Visit MustangAE.com for more information. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


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 MAE's EV Powerpack, Electric Drivetrain, Test Stand
MAE's EV Powerpack, Electric Drivetrain, Test Stand