Mustang Awarded Contract for Three Turnkey End-of-Line Test Systems for Red River Army Depot’s MRAP Refurbishment Line



January 18, 2017 – Twinsburg, Ohio, USA – Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) 

today announced that the company has received an order for three (3) turnkey End-of-Line (EOL) test system for Red River Army Depot’s MRAP refurbishment production line in Texas.

The EOL systems will be capable of testing the Navistar Maxx Pro MRAP (6×6), the Oshkosh M-ATV (6×6), the Cougar MRAP (6×6), the Cheetah MMPV (4×4), and the Buffalo MRAP (6×6). The test stand is upgradeable to test 8×8 vehicles in the future by the addition of an extra roll set. The MAE-MRAP-EOL-4000 is a one position/station test stand capable of performing chassis roll/dynamometer testing and anti-lock brake testing. The combination chassis dynamometer/brake tester has the ability to test the vehicle’s road worthiness, performance specifications, and braking forces as well as guiding the operator through various visual and functional tests.


“MAE has designed and built some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated heavy-duty chassis dynamometers for testing multi-axle all-terrain military vehicles. The MAE-MRAP-EOL-4000 end of line test stands will provide a very efficient means of testing the multitude of vehicles remanufactured by Red River Army Depot”, said Donald Ganzhorn, V.P. Engineering.

Mustang Advanced Engineering is located in Twinsburg, Ohio where the company has been based since 1986. Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading supplier of advanced, custom engineered testing and measurement systems.





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