Recreational Vehicles

Mustang has an extensive history of working with many of the world’s finest companies in the recreational vehicle and lawn and garden industries. A partial list of previous clients includes companies such as Club Car, Polaris Industries, Honda of America, Kubota, Harley Davidson, Big Dog Motorcycles, Bombardier and Arctic Cat, among others.

Mustang offers a number of products for testing small motors, engines, gear boxes and various other component R&D testing. In addition to providing equipment for research and development, Mustang supplies equipment for testing assembled vehicles at the end of the production line – including universal testing rigs for checking performance, brakes, alignment, transmission shift points, vibration, parasitic drag and emissions. Mustang can also supply an interface to your assembly plant’s network for integrating and tracking vehicle test results. Mustang has previously supplied a number of multi-function EOL validation test stands for motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, snowmobiles and various other types of recreational vehicles.

Mustang has designed and furnished completely custom test rigs for testing emissions, performance, fuel consumption and NVH at the R&D level. These rigs have been used by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for testing completely assembled product as well as individual components. In 2002, Mustang was awarded a contract to develop and furnish one of the world’s first NVH Chassis Dynamometers for ATVs. In addition to testing ATVs, the dynamometer was also designed with the ability to test Motorcycles and Snowmobiles. The test stand was designed and delivered in less than six months, and incorporated ultra-low-inertia all-aluminum roller construction, throttle actuation, data acquisition, load control and sound deadening insulation. This system is currently being used by a prominent Recreational Vehicle manufacturer for testing its product lines for Noise Regulation Compliance.

In 2001, Mustang was awarded a contract to supply the world’s first AC AWD Chassis Dynamometer for testing Golf Carts. This system was completely custom engineered, and was delivered to the customer less than 9-months following order placement. The system included software and data acquisition capabilities that enable the user to map, then simulate a golf course drive cycle – including grade. Robot control of braking and Throttle were incorporated into the stand to make the system completely stand-alone.


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READ EOL Installation Press Release

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