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Mustang has been serving the needs of the automotive OEM for over 30 years – from Research & Development test systems engineered to meet the unique needs of the prototype engineer, to custom end of line testing stands for testing product as it comes off the assembly line, Mustang offers a wide range of testing solutions to accommodate the needs of automotive OEMs. In addition to testing the fully assembled automobile, Mustang also provides a host of solutions for testing individual components, assemblies and sub-assemblies such as transmissions, differentials, torque converters, clutch assemblies, shock assemblies, brake assemblies, axles and engines – to name a few.

Mustang has industry leading expertise in applications ranging from NVH, Emissions, EMC, Failure Analysis, Mileage Accumulation, Extreme Climate, Performance, Wind Tunnel, and Accelerated Life Cycle Testing. In addition chassis dynamometers, Mustang designs and builds engine dynamometers, transmission dynamometers, axle tests rigs, towing dynamometers, inertia test stands for brake and clutch testing, and multi-purpose test rigs for EOL Testing – including the ability to test ABS, performance, vibration, critical system check and fuel economy.

Mustang’s staff of Sales Engineers and Project Managers are here to provide comprehensive technical proposals to our clients. If you have formulated a specification, we can provide a proposal for equipment to meet your needs. If you require help in formulating a specification, Mustang offers consulting services capable of generating a complete specification. Following order placement, Mustang offers individualized attention with project management, pre-production conceptual drawings for sign-off, installation shop drawings, electrical drawings and teleconference meetings to discuss project progress on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Mustang’s team of mechanical, electrical, civil and software engineers have over 100-years of combined engineering experience in the field of automotive testing. We specialize in providing unique, custom made testing equipment in a timely fashion to standards that exceed the expectations of the client. Mustang is also one of only two ISO certified Automotive Testing Equipment suppliers based in the US. Our unique combination of experience, medium size and core focus translate into solutions that are world-class and priced for today’s competitive marketplace, while Mustang’s ISO Certification insures that the equipment and services supplied are of the highest quality.


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READ EOL Installation Press Release

READ EOL Installation Press Release

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