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Mustang offers the most extensive standard dynamometer product offering in the industry – offering more choices than any other dynamometer company in the world. We offer dynamometers for road testing, performance tuning, emissions research, emissions repair, race simulation and high performance aftermarket product development. Countless big names in the high performance aftermarket have purchased Mustang Dynamometers to develop some of today’s most popular super chargers, chips and various other performance boosting products. Many of the products you find in the aftermarket today have been developed and tuned on Mustang equipment.

Mustang’s family of chassis dynamometers includes 2WD, 4WD, Truck and Bus, Motorcycle and ATV systems ranging in size, price and capabilities. For the Repair and Maintenance market segment, Mustang offers several low-profile and portable systems to address the special needs of this customer group. Mustang’s RG-3000 Series and Gladiator Series Dynamometers were designed with the typical automotive dealership and independent repair shop in mind. Road Testing is the primary focus of these products, with the Gladiator Series also offering limited, but valuable performance testing capabilities.

The RG-3000 represents the future of road testing, with its compact size, sleek design, computerized controls, and a price tag that most any shops can easily afford. For as little $300.00/month, a shop can eliminate the need to leave the shop for road testing. With the RG-3000 Series dynamometer, one technician is able to simulate driving conditions and OBD drive cycles in the safe confines of the shop environment – which shortens the time it takes to diagnose and repair drivability problems and reduces cost at the same time – an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

For emissions repair, Mustang offers an optional five-gas analyzer which is completely integrated into the dynamometer software. Mustang’s analyzer is accurate to BAR97 standards and includes a pump, filter, and water trap for loaded mode testing. Mustang’s software even includes the ASM test so that you can be certain repairs made will pass an emissions test at a state certified facility.

For performance testing, Mustang offers dynamometers capable of testing in excess of 3,000-hp and speeds up to 250-mph. The 250, 500, 600, 800, 1100, IMP and 1750 Series Dynamometers are all capable of testing high performance trucks and race cars. For advanced tuning, Mustang sets the industry standard with advanced eddy current loading and our patented Virtual Inertia Technology. Our technology is often imitated, but never duplicated. Mustang is the first to offer our unique combination of Eddy Current Power Absorption, revolutionary Road Load Simulation Control and unmatched mechanical design capabilities. If your needs include testing and tuning race cars on a chassis dynamometer, the Mustang Dynamometer is the system of choice in the industry today.

Our reputation for building quality Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometers stems from our experience in the emissions regulation Industry, which we pioneered in the 70’s and 80’s. Our design philosophies for both mechanical and electrical design translate into a machine that functions properly with minimal down time and with lab-grade controller capabilities that will turn your shop into a testing facility others will envy.

In addition to measuring power, Mustang’s dynamometers also allow for steady state EFI tuning in real-time with AFR and EGT feedback, ¼ mile and 1/8 mile drag simulation, circle track tuning and generic road testing. No other product on the market today is as diverse and complete as the Mustang Dynamometer – let us prove it to you.

It has long been a Mustang tradition to offer a complete plant tour and demonstration at no charge to our potential clients. As a courtesy and a way to say “thank you”, Mustang will even pay for your round-trip air-fare if you purchase a dynamometer system. A dynamometer is, and should be, a once-in-a-lifetime investment – we want to make sure the purchase decision you make is well-informed. Over 50% of our customer’s have visited our plant, witnessed a product in action, and have left our plant with the peace of mind that should accompany a transaction of this magnitude. We hope we can offer you the same opportunity.


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READ EOL Installation Press Release

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