The key to Mustang’s success now and in the future is the strength and diversity of the team of professional that make up Mustang.

Mustang operates from a 100,000 sqft. facility complex located just south of Cleveland, Ohio, where it has been based since 1986.

Core to the Company’s values are the principles of world-class quality and continuous improvement. Mustang’s quality systems are registered to ISO 9001 standards.

Mustang has supplied dynamometers and advanced testing and simulation systems to many of the world’s leading companies.

Company Overview

For over 30 years, creative thinking and opportunity have been the driving forces behind Mustang’s tremendous growth and continued success. Since the very beginning in 1975, Mustang has keenly focused on anticipating, identifying and following the key industrial market trends that shape its businesses. While predicting and reacting to constantly changes in government regulations, safety and emissions standards, technological advancements and the ever-present desire for increased performance is not an easy business, it is precisely what has propelled Mustang to become a global leader in the development and delivery of today’s most sophisticated dynamometer technologies and advanced engineering capabilities.

Starting from humble beginnings as an importer of electromagnetic braking mechanisms, Mustang has steadily grown over the years, adding capabilities and product lines year after year to get to where it stands today – one of the world’s premiere manufacturers of automotive, industrial and aerospace testing systems and a leader in dynamometers and testing technologies.

Much more than the typical dynamometer manufacturer, Mustang has slowly and steadily grown into a highly-diversified, technology-based engineering firm with world-class design, manufacturing, software and controls, and integration capabilities that position Mustang as a very unique supplier to the industry. In addition to a team of experienced software engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers who develop all of the company’s products and systems in-house, Mustang’s versatility and speed are its best strengths. A relatively small, privately-owned company, Mustang has the ability to react quickly to customer demands and the ever-present changes in market conditions. Located in Twinsburg, Ohio, Mustang is organized into two divisions according to the markets they serve and the products they offer.

MD – Mustang Dynamometer

Mustang Dynamometer is the “original” Mustang company and currently offers the company’s off-the-shelf eddy current chassis dynamometers for rear-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, all-wheel-drive and motorcycle/ATV applications. MD offers a complete lineup of systems, ranging in roll diameter from 8.625-inches to 50-inches, with horsepower measurement capabilities of up to 3,000+ horsepower. Mustang Dynamometer also produces a range of eddy current engine dynamometer systems and a complete lineup of dynamometer hardware, software, and dynamometer accessories. Mustang Dynamometer also offers a number of software packages including PowerDyne, our standard dyne control and data acquisition package, a complete virtual drag-racing simulator package called DragSim and a variety of custom software suites for very specialized testing applications. Mustang Dynamometer has experienced substantial growth over the past 10 years and has positioned itself as the leading dynamometer company in the high performance aftermarket segment.

MAE – Mustang Advanced Engineering

Mustang Advanced Engineering is a unique company whose expertise in the design and construction of custom test benches rivals just about any other company in the world. While custom chassis dynamometer systems have always been a large part of its core business, MAE has added a wide variety of products and has gained industry-leading expertise in nearly all types of dynamometer test benches including AC and eddy current engine dynamometer systems, transmission test benches, tow dynamometers and custom test benches of all types and sizes.

The current MAE product range includes engine test cells, transmission test cells, custom chassis dynamometers, production and in-process test systems, containerized test cells and complete powertrain test cells up to and including truly colossal 8×8 chassis dynamometer systems. MAE is fortunate to possess very sophisticated engineering capabilities and talents that have developed over many years of doing business in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries.

While some of the engineering MAE does for clients is done on a consulting basis, most of what MAE truly does best is the design and construction of custom, turn-key test systems. As a result, MAE has positioned itself as the supplier of choice when it comes to most types of custom dynamometers and test benches.

Focus On The Future

Both Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering continue to keep an eye to the future and a focus on anticipating, identifying and following the key market trends that shape their businesses.

Mustang Dynamometer will continue to develop and refine its lineup of industry leading products and work to respond quickly to the shifts and changes in the high performance aftermarket and government regulated emission programs worldwide.

Mustang Advanced Engineering will continue to focus its attention on the growing needs for advanced hybrid vehicle development solutions, wind turbine gearbox testing, military vehicle development test stands and advanced testing systems for tomorrow’s future technologies.


Company News

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READ EOL Installation Press Release

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