MAE Delivers Turnkey HD-AC/EC-150/250 In-line Transmission Dynamometer System to Red River Army Depot

Posted on July 1, 2011 Comments are off for this post

Red River Army Depot transmission dynamometerMustang Advanced Engineering today annouced that the company has recently delivered and installed a turnkey model HD-AC/EC-150/250 In-line Transmission Dyno to Red River Army Depot.

The HD-AC/EC-150/250 Inline Transmission Dynamometer, a standard production model dyno, features a powerful 150-hp AC input motor and a bi-directional eddy current load unit that is capable of up to 1,500 lb-ft of intermittent load. The system is completely air-cooled, eliminating the need for heat exchangers and water cooling requirements.

In addition to the standard inline transmission dynamometer system, a transfer case test fixture to accomodate the T1138-1 transfer case was also supplied to support, mount and enable testing of transfer cases. The transfer case test fixture allows complete testing of the T1138-1 transfer case to meet DMWR requirements including simultaneous loading of both output shafts, testing front output shaft declutch operation, and proper inertia for dynamic drum brake testing.

Additional items supplied included MAE’s TransTester Software, an advanced data acquisition package, electronic shift console, oil reservoirs (2), installation and training.

Mustang Advanced Engineering, an operating division of Mustang Dynamometer, is located in Twinsburg, Ohio where the company has been based since 1986. Mustang Dynamometer offers an industry leading line-up of high performance dynamometers and related products. Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading supplier of advanced, custom engineering testing and measurement systems.

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