MAE awarded contract to build an Advanced R&D Dynamometer for plug-in electric vehicles

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An electric vehicle on the MAE-AC-4000 Chassis DynamometerMustang Advanced Engineering announced today that it has been awarded a contract with an anonymous electric vehicle manufacturer to build an advanced research and development dynamometer for plug-in electric vehicles.

The advanced research and development dynamometer is built for testing plug-in electric vehicles. The engineers at MAE designed this dynamometer to leverage the precision of 4 independently-controlled AC motors, each coupled to its own set of rollers, to control the load to each wheel independently.  This setup allows test engineers to exert unprecedented control over testing conditions.

Mustang Advanced Engineering also designed the custom dynamometer to be as future-proof as possible. With a variable wheelbase that ranges from 80-146”, the R&D dynamometer will be ready to fit nearly any design the engineers decide to research and/or develop.

The design consists of several custom modifications to MAE’s standard AC-4000 product, which comes standard with 4 independently controlled AC motors, and an integrated ABS Brake Tester. The AC-4000 also utilizes automatic vehicle restraints for increased testing throughput and efficiency while ensuring the test vehicle remains safely in position on the tester.

Chief Engineer and VP Donald Ganzhorn has been pleasantly surprised with the reception of the AC-4000 since its introduction in May of 2011. “The AC-4000 is one of the most versatile dynamometers we’ve ever designed. Built for efficient, accurate and powerful end-of-line validation testing, the AC-4000 also is an excellent solution for research and development labs.”

MAE Awarded Contract to build Advanced R&D dynamometer for electric vehicles

MAE Awarded Contract to build Advanced R&D dynamometer for electric vehicles
MAE to supply Advanced R&D dynamometer for electric vehicle development
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