Transmission Valve Body Tester

The most advanced valve body tester in the industry.

Standard Features

  • Touch screen controls and computer included
  • Electronic shift controller included
  • Regulated hydraulic pressure
  • Motorized rotation of the governor
  • Customize shift pattens and schedules
  • Control frequency from 15 Hz to 50.5 KHz
  • Reads the current with 10 bit resolution
  • Easy access to all areas of the machine.
  • Easy calibration

Product Details (click to enlarge)


Mustang’s MAE-VBT Valve Body Tester is the most advanced valve body tester in the industry. With a host of features, this unit will simulate operating conditions more accurately and precisely than any other system in the marketplace. The MAE-VBT will reduce your rebuilding labor time for mechanical valve bodies by helping adjust shift points prior to installing the valve body. Accurate adjustments are easily made to full throttle upshifts, downshifts and closed throttle upshifts and downshifts.

Mustang’s MAE-VBT Valve Body Tester comes standard with everything you need to operate the test system, including the control and data acquisition PC, a machine-mounted touch screen operator interface and MAE’s Valve Body Tester Control Software package. Mustang’s in-house software developers designed the operating software to allow precise adjustments to shift patterns or schedules as well as to include the flexible tools needed to allow the system to expand with your needs. The software includes a custom Script Builder tool that allows you to modify existing programs to handle new plates without the need for continuously upgrading the software. The MAE-VBT electronic controller can be easily modified using the Transmission Shift Editor to allow you to add new programs, new solenoids, and new/future transmissions – giving you all the flexibility and capability you need to expand the systems to meet your ever-changing needs.