Transmission Solenoid Tester

The most advanced, accurate and user-friendly solenoid tester in the industry.

Standard Features

  • MAE Exclusive Learn Mode – learns a good solenoid
  • Advanced 10-Bit Resolution
  • Test at the proper frequency and duty cycle
  • Easy to use Windows-base software
  • Automated PASS/FAIL Testing

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ST1000 Solenoid Tester

The ST1000 Solenoid Tester is the next generation of transmission solenoid tester, offering a host of advantages and enhanced capabilities for today’s modern transmission remanufacturers. The key to accurately testing modern solenoids is to test at the proper frequency and duty cycle and this is precisely what sets the ST1000 apart from the competition. Stop throwing money away by testing at the wrong frequency and start putting that money back into your business. With the ST1000, you can be confident that your results are 100% accurate and you are no longer rejecting perfectly good solenoids simply because they were not being tested properly.

Mustang designed the ST1000 to be a universal solenoid tester, meaning you can use your existing wiring harnesses and solenoid test fixtures from other solenoid testers that you may already own. A user-friendly software interface allows you to easily establish test limits for new solenoids. In “LEARN MODE”, a known good OEM solenoid is used to automatically set and record new upper and lower limits for that solenoid. An exclusive feature that is not available on other solenoid testers.

The ST-1000 pays for itself in savings. You’ll find that you can save up to 80% of the solenoids that you would otherwise throw away. With a wide range of frequencies, the ST1000 gives you the ability to test solenoids exactly as they perform in a vehicle’s transmission.

Mustang developed the ST1000 Solenoid Tester to provide an easy and cost-effective way to test transmission solenoids. For years, the transmission industry lacked a quality solenoid tester that could test solenoids accurately and with minimal false rejections. Mustang’s solution was to create a tester with more powerful software capabilities, a more flexible user interface, the most advanced 10-bit resolution electronics and data acquisition, and a larger cabinet space for easier access. All of these improvements result in a tester that gives you more accurate test results and greater efficiencies through the ability to save, analyze, edit and customize your testing procedures.

Powerful Software Capabilities

The most important feature of the ST1000 Software is the “Learn Mode” feature. The learn mode feature automates the process of establishing pass/fail criteria for new solenoids. In Learn Mode, establishing high and low limit thresholds is as easy as a click of the mouse. Simply run a known good OEM solenoid through learn mode, enter the tolerances, and the software handles the rest. Now, every test solenoid will be compared to this known good solenoid and pass/fail will be based on tolerances you establish as acceptable. Editing capabilities allow you to modify the data that has been recorded in Learn Mode to further customize the test parameters.

Flexible User Interface

Another important and useful feature of the ST1000 Software is the ability to customize the interface and display to focus in on exactly the information you are trying to see. The software gives you the ability to customize the data that is displayed in the graph and on the gages. It allows you to change colors, line sizes, display names and filter levels on virtually every channel of data.

Advanced 10-bit resolution electronics

Another key feature that sets the ST1000 apart as a superior tool is our insistence on using superior electronics. The ST1000 utilizes a wide range of frequencies and 10-bit resolution as compared to 8-bit resolution found in competitive systems. The advantage of a 10-bit resolution is more precise duty cycle and frequency. Our 10-bit resolution gives you the ability to test at the higher frequencies and duty cycle that are required for testing today’s modern solenoids.

Larger Cabinet Size

Mustang also enlarged the test cabinet on the ST1000, giving  you more room inside the tester, a noticeable feature when setting up test blocks and changing out solenoids.

Standard Features of the MAE-ST1000 Solenoid Tester:

  • Easy to use Windows software interface
  • Computer program for real time data logging and graphing
  • Hydraulically tested with automatic transmission fluid or Condat NP0377-NP0378
  • Solenoids are tested electrically and hydraulically
  • 24 pin weather sealed circular plastic connector
  • Power supply 13.85Vdc 15amps
  • Frequency range of 15hz to 50.5Khz
  • The duty cycle can be set in 1% increments
  • 8 PWM Driver outputs (Selectable 13.85Vdc or ground output) (3amp)
  • 8 Digital Inputs (Test Pressure switch)
  • Pressure regulator (To adjust system pressure max 200 PSI)
  • One 300 PSI Input Pressure transducer
  • One 300 PSI Output Pressure transducers
  • Flow sensor up to 3 GPM
  • Temperature sensor up to 220º F
  • Heater (Heat test oil)