MAE recently developed the MD-AC-1200-10K Engine & Durability Dynamometer

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Mustang Advanced Engineering Project Spotlight for RCR

The ever-present push for increased performance, fuel economy and durability and recent rule and policy changes taking place in regulated industries such as NASCAR combine to create serious challenges for engine developers.  These challenges require well-developed test solutions.  In response to these challenges, Mustang Dynamometer, in conjunction with Rockwell Automation, recently developed the MD-AC-1200-10K Engine Development & Durability Dynamometer.

The MD-AC-1200-10K is a state-of-the-art high performance test system that combines some of the industry’s most advanced technologies along with Mustang’s powerful TESTCell™ Automation Software to provide a truly advanced engine development tool.   The system is powered by a 1200-hp variable AC motor and a regenerative AC controller from Rockwell Automation.

The MD-AC-1200-10K offers many advantages over competitive systems in the market.  By utilizing high speed AC motors and an  advanced control system, the MD-AC-1200-10K makes it possible to perform tests such as vehicle and track simulation that are simply impossible with competing systems employing older technology.  A 1200-hp Electric AC Dynamometer with a Rockwell Automation Regenerative Drive has been selected as the dynamometer for the MD-AC-1200-10K primarily due to its superior response, load control accuracy, load stability, transient features, and full speed range capabilities (0-10,000 RPM).  Through regeneration, the majority of the power absorbed by the dynamometer is returned to the user’s power grid – resulting in a substantial reduction in operating costs associated with the test stand.

Richard Childress Racing

Richard Childress Racing
The MD-AC-1200-10K Engine Development & Durability Dynamometer for Richard Childress Racing
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