MAE delivers two Automated End of Line Multi-Function Validation Test Systems for Honda’s Timmonsville, South Carolina ATV production facility.

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Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered two fully automated End Of Line (EOL) production validation test systems for Honda South Carolina’s ATV Production Line in Timmonsville, SC. Mustang has a strong long history with Honda, having previously provided EOL test systems to Honda’s Marysville, OH, motorcycle production facility. Mustang’s reputation for providing highly reliable and low maintenance equipment to Honda’s other plants made Mustang an easy choice for Honda’s EOL testing upgrade in the Timmonsville, SC plant. Each of the two test systems contain an AWD, multi-function chassis dynamometer capable of variable wheelbase adjustment, vehicle load testing, brake and parasitic drag testing, road simulation and functional testing. An automatic pop-up front and rear vehicle restraint system are used to limit the ATV’s movement while undergoing test analysis. All of the testing is performed immediately after production and prior to shipment.

The two systems are designed to handle Honda’s high volume vehicle assembly line with a vehicle build rate of approximately 38 seconds per unit. Mustang’s advanced End Of Line software gives Honda the flexibility to set-up their testing sequences and to easily modify sequences in the future.

“The standardized testing approach utilized by the systems enables Honda to functionally test all ATV’s before shipment. Honda has financially justified the purchase of the equipment against the decrease in warranty claims and a higher quality of product to be shipped. With a blazing build rate of 38 seconds per vehicle, the testing systems have been designed for fast loading, testing and unloading with safety as the highest priority” said Donald Ganzhorn, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer for Mustang Dynamometer.

Mustang delivered, installed and started the systems up over a week-end shut down at the Honda South Carolina plant. Initial training for the Honda team members of the test systems was conducted at Mustang’s Twinsburg, Ohio plant during the final system test out. Prior to the Monday plant shift start-up a refresher course was performed with the Honda team members on the operation and testing sequence of the machine. Mustang has performed Weekend Installation, Start-up & Training of 5 EOL test systems for Honda over our long working history.

“Mustang is extremely proud to have been chosen by Honda for this project,” said Dean Ganzhorn, Mustang President and CEO. “Mustang’s experience with this type of tightly integrated, advanced end-of-line test was key to us winning this contract and to our ability to deliver these system to Honda. Mustang anticipates a bright future with Honda and we look forward to working together on potentially many more projects.”

Honda End-of-Line ATV

Honda End-of-Line ATV
Two automated End-of-Line Multi-Function Validation Test System for Honda South Carolina's Timmonsville ATV Production Facility.
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