MAE Delivers Turnkey Heavy-Duty Cross-Drive Transmission Dynamometer for X200-4A Transmission Test Cell to Anniston Army Depot

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Product picture of an MAE Heavy Duty Transmission Dynamometer



November 2011 – Twinsburg, Ohio – Mustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a heavy-duty transmission dynamometer for testing of the X200-4A transmission for the Anniston Army Depot. The state-of-the-art test cell was designed by MAE to efficiently accomodate the transmission test stands, while meeting all required codes for mechanical and electrical hook-ups as put forth by the State of Alabama.

The system can perform a multitude of tests, including:

  • Check shift points (automatic transmissions)
  • Full throttle upshift test
  • Downshift inhibitor test
  • Check for abnormal noise and vibration
  • Check transmission control system
  • Closed throttle downshift test
  • Leak check shaft seals and clutches
  • Check main, clutch, and converter pressures
  • Determine mechanical binding

The X200-4A transmission test stand power package consists of an AC motor drive and electric prime mover, rated for 325 HP (continuous), with a base speed of 2,620 rpm and maximum speed of nearly 4,000 rpm. The motor possesses low inertia to more accurately simulate the inertia values seen by the transmission when connected to an engine. This lower inertia value provides better up/down shift simulation due to the motor’s inertia value being in the range of a typical engine’s inertia value.

The test stand’s power absorption units are bi-directional eddy-current PAUs which provide high performance loading torque. The PAU’s are capable of up to 2,000 lb-ft of dynamic load torque with a maximum speed of 4,000 rpm. Air actuated caliper brakes are incorporated into the load units for stall testing.


drive shaft with guards off on the transmission dyno

Left oblique view of the heavy duty transmission dynocloseup view of a coupling on the dynamometer

MAE Delivers Heavy Duty Transmission Dynamometer to Anniston Army Depot

MAE Delivers Heavy Duty Transmission Dynamometer to Anniston Army Depot
Project Spotlight that highlights the transmission dynamometer built for testing the X200-4A transmissions for Anniston Army Depot.
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