MAE delivers Track & Wheeled Multi-Function and Validation Test System for Caterpillar’s Multi-Terrain Loader & Skid Steer Loaders.

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Mustang Advanced Engineering Project Spotlight for CAT

Mustang Dynamometer delivered an End Of production Line (EOL) Multi-Function and Validation Testing System located in Caterpillar’s Sanford, S.C. Multi-Terrain Loader (MTL) & Skid Steer Loader (SSL) Production Facility.  For this project Mustang supplied the test equipment, vehicle interface data acquisition system, Manufacturing Automation Production & Performance Software (MAP2S), engineering for test development, including system design, installation assistance, start-up and training.  Caterpillar was so impressed with the system that after the first quarter of operation Caterpillar asked Mustang to up-grade the software on other existing test stands to be compatible with MAE’s software system.

The Multi-function test stand is required to test both wheeled vehicles and track vehicles.  The systems configuration allows independent operation of the left and right wheels/tracks.  This independent loading allows the test stand to stall one side of the vehicle’s wheel/track while the other side rotates at full speed.  The system also allows for double stall testing where by the vehicles wheel/tracks are stalled along with the vehicle’s hydraulic actuated bucket.  This double stall testing puts tremendous stress on the vehicle’s hydraulic system testing for pressures and leaks.

The mechanical test stand components are unique to allow for dual testing of both wheeled and track driven vehicles.  A highly engineered road surface simulation interface was developed to independent left & right load the vehicle’s powertrain.  Two large capacity electrically controlled power absorber systems are independently connected to the left & right road surface simulators to allow separate left and right load control. The system is designed to completely proof check the final assembly of CAT’s SSL and MTL machines.

Integrated within the test stand is an automated vehicle restraint and pull-down system to ensure proper road surface simulation interface and load distribution on the track vehicles.  This is important to keep the track loading constant and uniform across the track to dyne’s road surface interface.  The MAP2S software and data acquisition supplied with the system collects real-time data of the test stand and aligns it with the engine performance, hydraulic pump pressure performance, engine coolant pack capacity, hydrostat pressure performance, operator controls, then transmits the results to CAT’s line control computer via a Real-Time Data Importer.

“The testing criteria, process flow, and data storage is in accordance with CAT’s highly integrated quality control systems” said Donald Ganzhorn, Executive Vice President and Chief Engineer for Mustang Dynamometer. He added, “In addition, the innovative design of this system will provide Caterpillar with the flexibility to test a wide range of both current and future track & wheel driven machines.”

Dean Ganzhorn, Mustang’s President and CEO stated, “Mustang’s extensive high throughput production testing experience was key to winning the contract and being able to provide this legendary American company with a state of the art test system.”

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