MAE delivers modular electric vehicle test lab equipped with a new MAE 48″ roll AWD chassis dynamometer to Southern California-Edison.

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Mustang Advanced Engineering Project Spotlight for Southern California EdisonMustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) is currently set to deliver a turnkey, modular, outdoor test lab for Hybrid and Electric Vehicle testing to Southern California – Edison. The MAE designed and built test built test facility will be equipped with a new, state-of-the-art 48″ roll AWD chassis dynamometer with twin 250-hp AC motor and a variable wheelbase.

The two axle system features two sets of chrome-plated 48″ rollers that can be operated independent of one another. Tests that the system can perform include, but are not limited to hybrid calibration, dynamic performance test, fuel economy performance test, ABS braking performance test, emissions performance test, creeper gear performance test, constant speed, constant force, constant torque, constant power, controlled acceleration and vehicle simulation road load testing.

The 48-inch roll AWD chassis dynamometer is being installed this winter and includes the AWD dynamometer and a complete outdoor modular test facility; both designed by Mustang. A variety of testing is planned including electric and hybrid electric vehicle testing. The dynamometer offers two (2) 250-hp AC motors, one for each roll axis. The test chamber is modular and includes sound abatement, lighting, electric and HVAC. The projuect is being turn-keyed by Mustang AE.

Southern California-Edison (SCE) is committed to the deployment of cost-effective and energy efficient electro-drive transportation technologies to meet EPAct requirements. SCE’s fleet of approximately 2,400 light-duty vehicles, includes 260 Toyota RAV4 EVs, and approximately 40 neighborhood electric vehicles (e.g., GEMs and Th!nks), that operate at more than 40 different field locations throughout SCE’s 50,000 square-mile service territory. The EV fleet currently averages about 110,000 miles per month. Since 1987, the EV fleet has traveled over 14.5 million miles, and is the largest working EV fleet in North America.

SCE operates a state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2000 registered, EV Technical Center (EVTC) in Pomona, California, that performs testing and evaluation of all electro-drive transportation technologies. The EVTC started evaluating EVs and batteries in 1993. Today its operations include the testing and evaluation of advanced energy storage devices, hydrogen fuel-cells for mobile and stationary applications, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. The EVTC’s projects have included clients and partners such as the US Department of Energy, the National Laboratories, aero-space agencies, auto and battery manufacturers, the Electric Power Research Institute, and California state agencies.

University of Southern California - Edison

University of Southern California - Edison
Modular electric vehicle test lab equipped with new MAE 48" roll AWD chassis dynamometer.
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