MAE delivers custom engineered dynamometer for testing moving armor target vehicles to Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell.

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Mustang Advanced Engineering Project Spotlight for MeggittMustang Advanced Engineering recently delivered a custom dynamometer to Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell for the testing of three different-sized Moving Armor Target (MAT) Vehicles ranging in size from 600 lbs to 3,200 lbs, each having a different wheel configurations and track widths and a series of electromagnetic trip sensors.

The dynamometer supplied by MAE was designed to enable MDS Caswell to perform road-load simulated acceleration testing as well as to apply simulated loads for constant velocity testing. The dynamometer was custom engineered to enable it to test three different moving target vehicles including, Moving Armor Target (MAT) model DP62, Elevated (MAT) model DP63, and the Moving Infantry Target (MIT) model DP28.

In addition to providing the engineering support for the design of the custom chassis dynamometer’s track, roller and vehicle restrain systems, Mustang’s needed to design a system to remotely trip various electromagnetic sensors located on the different MAT vehicles. To accomplish this and meet MDS Caswell’s requirements for this functionality, the engineers at MAE incorporated a series of air cylinders to enable the sensors to be tripped as required.

“For this project Mustang had to think out of the box a bit and be creative to come up with a system that was capable of handling such unique vehicles and testing requirements. Our engineers did a great job of handling all of the unique challenges this project threw at them and provided a design and system that exceeded our customers expectations.” stated Vice President of Sales, David Ganzhorn.

The MDS Caswell MAT vehicles are used to simulate a tank or other vehicle for live fire training and qualification programs. It provides training in detecting, identifying and firing upon moving tank targets under simulated combat conditions and is capable of lifting all full-scale flank targets.

Meggitt Defense Systems - Custom Dyne

Meggitt Defense Systems - Custom Dyne
Custom engineered chassis dynamometer for testing moving armor target vehicles for Meggitt Defense Systems Caswell.
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