MAE delivers complete Inspection Maintenance and Mobile Vehicle Safety Inspection Lane to NATRiP R&D Infrastructure Project

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Mustang Advanced Engineering Project Spotlight for NATRiP

June 15, 2010 – Twinsburg, Ohio Over the past 18 years Mustang Advanced Engineering has supplied Inspection Maintenance (I/M) systems in India several of these systems are installed in the cities of Delhi, Goa, Bangalore and Hyderabad.  The latest project, with NATRiP, will serve as a basis for Vehicle Inspection Equipment & System testing throughout India in the future.  For this project, Mustang designed, engineered and manufactured two complete safety lanes, one catering to 2 wheeled, 3 wheeled, and passenger cars and the other for Light, Medium, and Heavy Commercial Vehicles, while also providing a Mobile Vehicle Safety Inspection Lane, the first of its kind supplied by Mustang.  These lanes will be installed in Silchar.

Inspection Lane A was devoted to the inspection of 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles and passenger cars while Inspection Lane B was devoted to the testing for Light, Medium, and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles.  The lanes are equipped with all the required indicators and prompting devices to guide the inspector through the inspection process while undergoing automatic and manual testing inspections of exhaust gas analysis, diesel opacity, sound meter, visual inspections, speedometer and taximeter test, headlight test, side slip test, suspension test, axle weight measurement, brake test, joint play, rims and tires, and pit visual inspection of axles, steering system, suspension, etc.  Upon completion and exit of an inspection, the system generates a detailed Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), which contains inspection details, test measurement results, position-by-position pass/fail, and a specified security number unique to each test to avoid duplication of VIR reports.  Mustang’s Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) software is Windows™ based and very user friendly.  The interface is designed to limit the amount of reading necessary for operators to perform tests, it contains graphically based prompting that include helpful pictures displayed at various points in the software.  All the supplied equipment meets the European Regulations for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, as well as the regulation 60950-1:2006 on Safety and Information Technology Equipment.

The Mobile Inspection Station performs the same tests as the Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty Inspection Lanes, with one exception, the machine is completely portable.  The Mobile Inspection Station can be easily loaded and off-loaded from a normal truck, and is to be used in rural areas and in places where a flat surface can only be ensured in a minimum area.  The system is able to function both connected to an electrical network and autonomously with an integrated diesel power generator compliant with the local (Indian) noise and emission ordinances.

“This project is another example of Mustang’s ability to deliver complete turnkey Vehicle Inspection Lanes that include seamless integration of many pieces of hardware and software into one system as well as a portable system that has all the functionality of a permanent inspection facility,” said President and CEO, Dean Ganzhorn.

National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project

National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project
Complete Vehicle Safety Inspection Lanes and Mobile Vehicle Safety Inspection Lanes.
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