MAE Delivers Brake Tester to EATON Corporation

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December 5, 2011 – Mustang Advanced Engineering delivers an Inertia Test Stand for brake testing. The test stand utilizes a 40 HP AC Motor with corresponding variable frequency drive operating to a maximum speed of 3,000 rpm. The test stand provides base inertia of 77 lb ft2 with eight (8) selectable 29 lb ft2 inertia weights and eight (8) selectable 37.5 lb ft2 inertia weights.

The test stand’s prime mover is an electric motor that is rated for multi-directional and reliable variable speed control. A 480 VAC motor is used to reduce the current requirements of the system. The motor is capable of providing continuous constant torque from the base speed down to and including zero speed.

The inertia weight system for EATON is similar in size and scope to existing MAE inertia weight systems. The inertia weight system consists of a structurally stiff base frame which will attach EATON’s bed plate. The frame has an integrated gantry crane to assist in changing weight configurations.

The software provided will allow EATON the fl exibility to confi gure the system’s data collection. The software will collect all data including start and stop times. The system includes data acquisition channels to icollect all required data including speed, torque, pressure, and various digital inputs including E-stops and cover counterlocks.

“Mustang is extremely proud to have been chosen by EATON Corporation for this project,” said Dean Ganzhorn, Mustang President and CEO. “Mustang’s experience with this type of application was key to us winning this project and to our ability to deliver this system to EATON. Mustang anticipates a bright future with EATON and we look forward to working together on potentially many more projects.”


Brake Tester for EATON Corporation
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