MAE delivers a full hybrid electric vehicle test and simulation system.

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Application Highlights – Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle test stands used in the EV1 electric vehicle develoment.

  • Dual-ended, high-torque 400 HP AC dynamometer
  • Dual torque meters on each shaft
  • High speed 7:1 gearbox with top speed of 15,000 rpm
  • Full regeneration of power to power grid
  • Isolation transformer
  • DC power supply capable of 0 to 600 VDC and 0 to +/- 500 Amps
  • 12-diode bridge controller
  • Multi-phase isolation transformer for Zig-Zag configuration
  • Chiller and cooling system for test article
  • Power analyzer
  • Data acquisition and boom box
  • Distributed PC control system controlling
  • Dyne motor controller
  • DC power supply
  • Chiller cooling system
  • Power analyzer
  • Data acquisition and boom box
  • Test Cell interface

GM Electro-Motive

GM Electro-Motive
Dynamometer test system for General Motor's Electro-Motive Division.
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