MAE completes a custom 4-wheel drive RFI Test Chamber Dynamometer for Daimler Chrysler

Posted on March 12, 2011 Comments are off for this post
Mustang Advanced Engineering Project Spotlight for Chrysler

Mustang has completed the design, manufacturing, installing,commissioning and training of a Custom Engineered 4-Wheel DriveRFI Test Chamber Dynamometer to the Daimler Chrysler Corporation inDetroit.

The dynamometer was required to meet all of the latest EPA I/M 240standards and regulations. In addition, due to the installation in an RFIlaboratory all of the electrical components were specially designed andcustom shielded to emit zero Radio Frequency emissions inside the testcell.

“Even though the dynamometer was a fairly standard 4-wheel design,the absolute requirement for zero RFI emissions presented a challengingtask for our design engineers,” said Bruce Finch, Manager for EngineeredProducts at Mustang. “The attention to detail had to be very precise,as any minor variation in shielding could have totally invalidated any ofDaimlerChrysler RFI testing.”

The dynamometer has a fully regerative variable speed AC DriveSystem supplied by Mustangs’ building partner Rockwell Automation.This confi guration allow for motoring the dyne, but in the absorbingmode the power produced is recycled back into the Plant AC powerlines for consumption elsewhere. A hand held operator push buttonstation allows for readjusting of the dyne rollers for different wheelbase vehicles. Mustang also supplied the operator computer andcomplete application software for operation of the dynamometer.

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