Medium-Duty Truck MDT-Series

Medium Truck Tow Dynamometer

MAE has many different styles of medium-duty towing dynamometers for purchase or rent for medium-duty truck applications.

Standard Features

  • Simulate pre-recorded road profile data
  • Hill, mountain, slope, trailer weight, aero and rolling loss simulations
  • Field-proven Design and Control Technology
  • DAC/PC based Tow Dyne Control System
  • Auto-Shift Technology to “Shift on the Fly”
  • Compensate for vehicle weight
  • Programmable Step Testing
  • Import/export Excel files
    Medium-Duty Truck MDT-Series

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    Tow Dyno Renting Options Available

    Mustang Advanced Engineering offers flexible options for leasing tow dynamometers. Both large and small tow dynos are available, along with time rentals at testing tracks to use them on. Contact a sales associate for more information about dyno and test track rentals.

    MDT Series Tow Dynamometers

    Mustang Advanced Engineering specializes in the simulation of road profiles on the MDT-Series Tow Dynamometers. Capture road profiles, including road grades, hills and mountains, and play the profiles back on a flat test track with the advanced simulation capabilities of MAE’s MDT-GradeSim software package.

    The advanced control system developed my MAE allows for grade control, speed control, drawbar control, manual control, polynomial drawbar control as a function of velocity, Mountain Climbing Tests as a function of distance, Cycle Testing as a function of distance or time, and Engine Speed Control (to name a few). This range in accurate simulation capabilities is possible because of a complex control system and MAE’s use of air-cooled eddy current power absorbers in the tow dynamometer’s design. Contact an MAE sales associate to learn more about what our MDT-Series towing dynamometers can do.

    Tow Dynamometer Styles

    Mustang Advanced Engineering specializes in the design and manufacture of two main styles of tow dynamometers: mobile-style and trailer-style.

    The mobile style is a self-propelled towing dynamometer designed from an existing motorized vehicle chassis or a custom designed chassis.  This unique mobile configuration allows the tow dynamometer to be self powered with an engine for use in transportation between the garage and test site.  Additionally, the engine can be used for load biasing if required.  In many cases, MAE will convert existing vehicles (customer supplied, new or used), but Mustang also designs and fabricates custom mobile dynamometer vehicles for extreme applications or to meet customer specifications.

    The trailer style is the traditional style of tow dynamometer.  The trailer style tow dynamometer is configured to be towed behind a vehicle with a ridged connection via a ball, clevis, pinto hook or 5th wheel between the test towing vehicle and the trailer tow dynamometer.  The trailer tow dynamometer is more economical in price and only requires a single operator, but a separate vehicle is required to move the unit from garage to site, or from site to site.

    Tow Dyno Controls and Software

    Every Mustang Advanced Engineering MDT-Series Tow Dynamometer ships with the complete MDT-GradeSim software package. MDT-GradeSim is an advanced control and simulation software package, built from the ground up to seamlessly interface with our line of tow dynamometers.

    The software can be loaded onto a laptop or tablet computer for convenient wireless control of the test procedure, while constantly monitoring load, speed, power, distance, etc. Two important and commonly-used testing modes are Load Control and Speed Control modes. When the Tow Dyne is in Load Control mode, the driver of the test vehicle controls the speed. Conversely, when the Tow Dyne is in Speed Control mode, the driver controls the load.

    The DAC/PC-based tow dynamometer control system is a member of Mustang’s latest generation of embedded microcontroller-based electronic systems. All control and monitoring functions are performed by an embedded 16 bit digital micro-controller. All calibrations can be performed using the on-board LED or enclosure mounted LCD display and keyboard, with calibration values stored in on-board non-volatile FLASH memory. Testing values such as load or speed set points can be entered by the operator in exact unit values. In keeping with our previous system design features, the new control system is configured to supply analog output signals proportional to system speed and loading force, using operator supplied output scaling values. Mustang’s new control system provides faster and more stable load control than previous analog control systems and can be interfaced to a laptop computer via an RS-232 serial cable to provide data logging and advanced control functionality.

    Mustang’s MDT-GradeSim software package also has Auto-Shift capability.   MAE’s Auto-Shift technology allows you to “Shift on the Fly”!  No need to stop and change gear ranges. Thus, during heavy draw bar testing at low speeds, to medium drawbar loading at medium speeds, and light drawbar loading at high speeds, the operator does not have to stop the tow dynamometer and shift gears to allow the tow dynamometers to achieve the next speed range.