Car/SUV MDT Series

Car/SUV Tow Dynamometer

MAE has many different styles of small towing dynamometers for purchase or rent for Car/SUV applications.

Standard Features

  • Simulate pre-recorded road profile data
  • Hill, mountain, slope, trailer weight, aero and rolling loss simulations
  • Field-proven Design and Control Technology
  • DAC/PC based Tow Dyne Control System
  • Auto-Shift Technology to “Shift on the Fly”
  • Compensate for vehicle weight
  • Programmable Step Testing
  • Import/export Excel files
    Car/SUV MDT Series

    Product Details (click to enlarge)

    • A 3 KN Towing dynamometer for small cars and SUVs.

    • A small, aerodynamic, custom design.

    • A towing dynamometer for simulating hills and grades on cars and SUVs.


    Hill and Grade Simulation for Cars and SUVs

    Every Mustang Tow Dynamometer comes with the advanced MDT-GradeSim software package. MDT-GradeSim sets the industry standard for hill and grade simulation, offering a robust and flexible interface that can be loaded onto a laptop or tablet computer for wireless operation inside the testing vehicle. Simulating hills and grades has never been easier with an MAE Tow Dynamometer and MDT-GradeSim.

    Mobile-style and Trailer-style Tow Dynamometers

    Mustang Advanced Engineering has experience and expertise in building two main types of tow dynamometers, mobile-style, and the more common trailer-style. Mobile-style dynamometers are unique in that they are built into a motorized vehicle chassis, allowing the dyno to be self-powered with an engine. That means you can drive the dynamometer from the garage to the test site. MAE can customize an existing vehicle or fabricate a custom mobile dynamometer for extreme applications.

    The more common solution is the trailer-style dynamometer. With the trailer-style, you tow the dyno behind a vehicle, requiring an extra vehicle to transport the dynamometer from site to site. The benefits of the trailer-style dynamometer include a lower price, and it only requires a single operator to run the test.

    For more information about the costs and benefits of each option, speak with a sales representative at Mustang Advanced Engineering.

    Tow Dyno Renting Options Available

    Mustang Advanced Engineering offers flexible options for leasing tow dynamometers. Both large and small tow dynos are available, along with time rentals at testing tracks to use them on. Contact a sales associate for more information about dyno and test track rentals.