Throttle Control and Pedal Actuators

Mustang offers both the Direct-Connect SERVO System and the versatile Gearhead System, in different actuator sizes to meet your applications torque requirements.

Standard Features

  • Direct-connect Servo System or Gearhead System Available
  • Reduced backlash and lag
  • Extremely fast response times
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Built-in power reserve to return actuator to closed throttle position

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    Mustang’s Direct-Connect SERVO System is a high performance throttle actuator that eliminates the use of a gearhead assembly. This reduces the backlash and lag often associated with gearhead systems during high-speed movements. The Direct-Connect SERVO System offers extremely fast response times due to its high-effected torque-to-shaft inertia ratio and direct drive connection. The direct drive configuration allows for quick and easy setup and installations.

    Due to low inertia and high torque, the SERVO actuator offers exceptional response time (50ms from 0 to 90°). A 2,000 ppr dual quadrature encoder is affixed to the actuator, which canresolve a complete shaft rotation to one part in 8,000 ppr. The system is usually configured so that the actuator moves through a 90° arc with an accuracy of 0.05%, consistent with most lab sensors and feedback devices used to measure throttle position.


    The Gearhead System uses a precision gearhead to increase torque for use with in-vehicle pedal actuators. The gearhead’s backlash effect results in less than 0.015 inch of movement when connected to a 3 inch arm via a cable, increasing accuracy under any conditions. Because the gearhead creates an additional non-energized position holding force on the arm which may prevent a full return to 0% throttle during a power failure or E-Stop condition, the amplifier has a built in power reserve which will return the actuator to the closed throttle position. The Gearhead System is available with a wide variety of stands, supports, linkages and clamps to adapt the system to almost any application and make installation and transfer between vehicles quick and easy.