Engine Docking Carts

Mustang's heavy-duty engine docking carts include heavy-duty casters and engine mounting and leveling hardware to make setting up engines more efficient.

Standard Features

  • Heavy-duty 8″ casters, Two (2) rigid and Two (2) swivel casters.
  • Cart reciever with dual clamping locking device.
  • Heavy duty jackstands (2)
  • Universal Mounting Flange
  • Vibration mounts for jackstands mount to the end of the jackstand and adapt the jackstand to the engine rear support mounts

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    Mustang’s Engine Docking Carts allow you to set-up engines for testing quickly and easily. When one engine is finished testing, roll the next one up to the dyno, lock in down, attach the drive shaft, hook up your sensor and start testing.

    Mustang offers a number of Engine Docking Carts to make mounting and setting up engines for testing a snap. Our docking carts include all of the hardware and components you’ll need to securely mount and level engines and prep them for dyno testing.

    Mustang’s standard cart is a heavy-duty, welded and finish machined 3″ dual channel section frame with removable handle, and a 12-ga. drip pan. Two 1-1/2″ wide tee slots on 24.5″ centers are provided the full length of each side to provide adaptability to a wide variety of engine sizes. Two rigid and two swivwl 8” casters are proven to handle 1,200 lbs. Included with the standard cart package is one complete cart, cart receiver, engine jack stands and vibration mounts.