Data Acquisition

Standard Features

  • Flexible system allows easy customization to meet specific test operations.
  • Control every aspect of your engine dyne test cell with EDtCell.
  • Channel Manager allows complete control of your data acquisition.
  • Profile Builder allow you to build, save and recall custom test sequences with ease.
  • Many pre-defined test procedures included.
  • Powerful data graphing utility has customizable scales, line and scatter graphs, and axis’.
  • Select and view data in real-time during testing and save data for post-testing analysis.
  • Easily export all data to Excel for further analysis and graphing if needed.

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    The MAE Data Acquisition Module provides an efficient means to manage all interconnections between the test article and measuring devices.  The system is designed to keep the low voltage signals from various sensors separate from high voltage signals.  The Data Acquisition Module is furnished with a pedestal mounting base and can be mounted in the test cell adjacent to the test stand. Alternatively,  wall mounting hardware and a swivel boom arm kit can be furnished to keep the enclosure off of the test cell floor.  The two different configuration requires slightly different enclosures so the decision on mounting configuration should be discussed prior to build.