WG Series

DGEC Series Water-cooled Eddy Current Dynamometers

MAE’s DGECG Series Engine Dynamometers are low inertia, water-cooled eddy current dynamometers designed to provide precise and repeatable load control. DGEC Series Dynamometers are ideal for applications requiring high speed testing in the middle to high power ranges.

Standard Features

  • Torque measurement accuracy ±0.25% of full rated torque
  • Speed measurement accuracy ±1 RPM
  • Low inertia
  • Bi-directional
  • High repeatability
  • Low maintenance
    WG Series

    Product Details (click to enlarge)

    • Model DGEC-440 dynamometer. Pedestal mount drum-style PAU.

    • Model DGEC-440 dynamometer. Pedestal mount drum-style PAU.

    • Model DGEC-500 dynamometer. Pedestal mount disk-style PAU.


    Mustang’s DGEC Series Engine Dynamometers are low inertia, water-cooled eddy current dynamometers designed to provide precise and repeatable load control. The DGEC Series are ideal for applications requiring high speed testing in the middle to high power ranges.

    Eddy-current dynamometers provide increasing torque as the speed increases, reaching peak torque at rated speed. MAE’s standard DGEC Series Dynamometers range from 25 kW to 1300 kW at speeds up to 10,000 rpm and can absorb power in either direction of rotation.

    DGEC Series Dynamometers have low inertia as a result of small rotor diameter. Brake cooling is provided by a water circulation system, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power. The water cooling in the DGEC Series provides for high continuous power ratings.

    DGEC Series Dynamometers include a strain gauge load cell to provide torque measurement accuracy ratings of ± 0.25% of full rated torque. Speed is measured by a pulse pickup operating with a 60 tooth wheel to provide speed measurement accuracy of ±1 rpm.

    The DGEC Series Eddy Current Dynamometers are built to withstand the most demanding applications. The rugged and simple design of the WG Series ensures a long, hassle-free operating life.

    MAE’s DGEC Series Engine Dynamometers provide a range of eddy current loading devices designed for testing engines from 33.5-hp to 1,744-hp (25 to 1300 kW) capacity. The strain gauge load cell provides high accuracy torque measurement for exacting test and development applications. The rugged design of the power absorbing system ensures a long operating life, even in the most demanding production and endurance testing environments. This long life is further enhanced by the electroless nickel plating of critical components that are in contact with the cooling water.

    Standard Features:

    • Low-inertia rotor design
    • High accuracy strain gauge load cell for precise torque measurement.
    • Precision control, even at low loads and rapid changes in demands.
    • Bi-directional operation.
    • Twin silicon rubber encapsulated energizing coils, with central ventilation to ensure reliability in extreme conditions.
    • Carcase mounted in deep groove ball bearings.
    • Electroless nickel plating of cooling passages to ensure corrosion-free operation.
    • O-ring pipe connections to minimize torque calibration errors from vibrations in water supply pressure.
    • Water flow failure warning fitted as standard.
    • Precision-balanced, torsionally compliant drive shafts
    • Precision bearings to ensure smooth operation.


    MAE’s DGEC Series dynamometers feature fully encapsulated two piece coils, used in place of the more common and cheaper single coil arrangement. This configuration ensures optimum distribution of flux throughout the working area for maximum low speed torque, and at the same time allows the free flow of air from the center of the machine through the critical air gap between rotor and stator and then out of radial ventilation slots. These features ensure both rapid response and reliability under the most severe loading conditions – which can often be the cause of local overheating in single coil machines.

    Trunion Bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings provide the most precise method of carcase mounting and are virtually friction-free. They are also extremely rigid and free from resonance problems which can occur on other flexible type of mounting systems. The bearing selection also helps ensure extended service life.

    Shaft and Rotor

    The rotor is manufactured from high-magnetic permeability material for maximum performance and is designed for minimum inertia. Precision-grade bearings are used to ensure accurate shaft location and safe high speed operations.

    The cooling passages and “loss plate” are critical areas in an eddy current dynamometer, as thermal loading is high and cyclic loading can cause corresponding temperature changes. Associated loss plate distortion may cause catastrophic contact between plate and rotor or loss of coolant. Extensive design and development has been performed on our system of loss plate mounting, which allows controlled radial expansion without water leakage and prevents loss plate distortion. The water passages have been optimized to ensure consistent cooling and are electroless nickel plated to ensure that corrosion does not detract from performance.

    Water Connections

    Water connection is by means of O-ring sealed articulatd pipes, leading to flanges suitable for connection to the customers water supply. These ensure that water conection and supply pressure variations have minimal effect on machine accuracy. An integral flow detector monitors flow rate and ensures that a warning signal is given if water flow should drop below safe levels.


    The level of power absorbed is controlled by varying the excitation current at the coil. When used in conjunction with feedback signals for torque from the load cell and speed from pulse pick up and toothed wheel, closed loop control is provided. We offer both manual or automated control systems, data acquisition and alarm annunciation.