Light Duty Diesel Emissions System

MAE is widely regarded as a leading global provider of chassis dynamometer systems for a wide range of application that require accurate and repeatable road load simulation, speed control, force control or acceleration control.

Standard Features

  • Emission grade inertia simulation
  • 2WD and AWD modes of operation
  • Emission grade road simulation accuracy
  • State of the art PowerDyne® dynamometer control and data acquisition
  • PEMS system
  • GPS based drive cycle acquisition
  • OBDII scanner


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    The MAE Light Duty Emissions Dynamometer system is designed to measure vehicle emissions and power while on the road as well as on a chassis dynamometer and then compare the emissions and power results from both test sequences. The test vehicle is instrumented with a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) and an on-road data acquisition system to measure vehicle emissions, performance and the driving data. The vehicle driving data is downloaded to the chassis dynamometer control system to reproduce the loads seen on the road, including grades and wind. Other environmental elements such as temperature and altitude are factored into real time compensation algorithms for both the emissions measurements and power corrections.