AC Series Motorcycle/ATV Chassis Dynamometers

Emissions Certification AC Motor Motorcycle and ATV Chassis Dynamometer

Standard Features

  • Motorcycle & ATV Emissions Certification (FTP, EN/ECE, JISHA, etc.)
  • Accurately simulate vehicle inertia, rolling losses and aerodynamic effects
  • Perform acceleration, step and steady-state test cycles
  • Perform user-defined custom test cycles
  • Test brakes, differentials and chassis components
  • Driver’s Aids for a host of pre-defined test cycles included
  • Evaluate parasitic losses
    MAE-AC-MC/ATV Series

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    The MAE-AC-MC/ATC is a turnkey motorcycle and ATV chassis dynamometer that offers all the features of Federal Test Procedure (FTP) equipment at a fraction of the cost. Through extensive in-house testing, test results closely correlate to the larger roll sizes specified by some governing bodies, so engineers can affordably do their own in-house product development to prepare with confidence for final certification testing at an independent facility.

    Mustang’s MAE-AC-MC/ATV Series Chassis Dynamometer is an AC motor (absorbing/motoring) dynamometer capable of producing a load at 65 km/hr as described in CFR 40 part 86, section 529.78. The dynamometer is capable of producing loads to meet the ECE R40, ECE R47 and the CNS (Taiwan) test procedures as well as customized mode up to the performance specifications. The Motorcycle/ATV Chassis Dynamometer is intended to be used to perform emissions certification testing while performing a variety of drive cycles for motorcycles having a loaded vehicle mass between 80 – 550 kg.

    The MAE-AC-MC/ATV is available with several sizes of AC motors depending on the size and type of vehicles to be tested. With a maximum speed of 200 mph and a maximum axle load of 1,000 lbs., the MAE-AC-MC/ATV is a versatile dyno capable of testing a wide range of vehicle from scooters to Motorcycles to Quads.

    Mustang Advanced Engineering has multiple generations of knowledge and experience in the specialized area of AC Motor Chassis Dynamometers. Our experience dates back over 30 years and our applications range from small, high-speed motorcycle test systems to extremely large, high-torque heavy-duty vehicle test systems. When it comes to advanced dynamometer technology, precise and repeatable road load simulation, accurate speed and/or force control and sophisticated data acquisition packages, the engineers at MAE are second to none.