AWD 48" Series

AWD 48" Series Chassis Dynamometers

MAE’s AWD 48″ chassis dynamometers provide an extremely accurate, repeatable and responsive electrical inertia simulation vehicle test system.

Standard Features

  • Compliant with EPA 75, EPA SFTP (US06), ECE + EUDC, Japanese 10-15 Mode, EURO III, IV and V
  • High accuracy and repeatability with fast response electrical inertia simulation
  • Automated dynamometer testing routines
  • Floor level calibration
  • Bearing heaters
  • Bi-directional bearing race rotation
  • Non-vertical loading restraint system
  • Brake & throttle actuators available
  • 4×2 and 4×4 configurations, upgradable
  • Robust design for trouble-free operational life
  • Low maintenance and lifecycle costs
    AWD 48

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    Today’s advanced vehicle emission testing requires the use of repeatable and highly accurate dynamometers that are capable of testing vehicles under precisely simulated road load conditions in an emissions laboratory. The 48” motor-in-the-middle chassis dynamometer sets the standard in the industry for emissions certification and mileage accumulation applications.

    Mustang Advanced Engineering is widely regarded as a leading global provider of chassis dynamometer systems for a wide range of applications that require accurate and repeatable road load simulation, speed control, force control or acceleration control. MAE has developed its 48” MIM Series Chassis Dynamometers to exceed the demanding performance criteria required by the US EPA directive, FTP 75 / SFTP (US06) EUDC standards.

    These criteria include:

    • Accurate Road Load simulation to ensure the vehicle is tested under operational conditions.
    • Fast, critically damped Inertia simulation response to provide realistic loading of the test vehicle powertrain.
    • Accurate synchronization of multi-roller systems to provide “on the road” type conditions.
    • Effective parasitic loss compensation.

    MAE’s emissions chassis dynamometers provide an extremely accurate, repeatable and responsive electrical inertia simulation vehicle test system. The chassis dynamometer utilizes an AC motor centrally mounted between the rollers that provides a compact, low maintenance design. The MIM configuration offers the most compact envelope dimension in the 48” roll product class, while the cradle-mounted configuration of the PCU makes possible the use of a highly accurate strain gauge load cell in lieu of an in-line torque flange. Both light duty and medium duty PCU sizes are available. High quality bearings and a robust structural design help to ensure long life and low maintenance of the equipment.

    The standard MIM configuration utilizes manually operated vehicle alignment and restraint systems, while automated side-to-side and fore-to-aft alignment mechanisms are available as optional features.

    For climatic chamber applications MAE offers extreme temperature chamber packages which insure proper dynamometer operation at even the most extreme hot/cold testing conditions. For applications that require the testing of AWD vehicles, the MIM Series is available in an AWD configuration. In most cases the 2WD MIM class dynamometer can be upgraded in the future to the AWD-MIM chassis dynamometer. MAE’s standard wheelbase range accommodates vehicles with wheelbases ranging from 80 to 150 inches. Optionally, systems can be designed to accommodate vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 185 inches.

    MAE’s proprietary control system includes several automated routines to test and validate all the main performance criteria.
Emission chassis dynamometer solutions are also available for truck and motorcycle applications.