7500 Series

7500 Series Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometers

The 7500 Series is considered the ideal diesel truck fleet maintenance dynamometer because it incorporates three air-cooled eddy current brakes and a large 19.75” roller set to provide an optimal combination of power and tractive roller surface to handle the higher torque of today’s diesel trucks and buses.

Standard Features

  • 19.75 Precision balanced rollers
  • 3 Air-cooled Eddy Current PAUs
  • Ultra-Fast Load Response
  • Accurate, Repeatable Load Control
  • Simulate real-world driving conditions
  • Test at speeds up to 100-mph
  • 1,800-hp Peak Load Capacity


    7500 Series

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    Testing Solutions for Fleet Managers

    Today’s Fleet Managers are faced with many challenges – most important of which if maintaining a healthy bottom line. With fuel costs at an all-time high, these challenges have become increasing difficult. To help combat these problems and others facing fleet managers today, Mustang offers the 7500 Series Chassis Dynamometer – which features the most advanced diagnostic capabilities in the industry.

    The 7500 Series is designed to simulate the driving conditions that fleet vehicles encounter on the road everyday in a safe and controlled shop floor environment so that critical engine and drivetrain systems can be evaluated to insure vehicles are performing properly and at maximum efficiency. What’s more, the 7500 offers several levels of testing capabilities in a modular, compact package and with capabilities that can be upgraded in the future as your needs change.

    Every vehicle in your fleet can now be tested and validated before and after a repair to insure proper diagnosis and repairs have been performed. In addition to testing repaired vehicles, the 7500 can be used to test vehicles on a regular basis as a preventative maintenance measure; which decreases unexpected breakdowns, and allows fleet management to control fuel costs while reducing repair costs.

    Periodic testing keeps fuel consumption to a minimum and helps technicians identify suspect components before they fail. A proactive approach to Fleet Service can prevent unexpected engine and or drivetrain failure; which saves Fleets thousands of dollars in lost fair revenues.

    At the heart of the 7500 Series is a set of three air-cooled eddy current power absorbers. Each absorber, or brake, can hold up to 600-hp (total power of 1,800-hp) – more than enough to simulate a fully loaded transit bus. As the systems PAUs (brakes) are air-cooled, no water is required to or from the device – eliminating the high cost of water consumption and/or the cost of an expensive water recovery system – which can sometimes exceed the cost of the dynamometer system itself. Mustang is the only company that offers a Universal Fleet Test Bed without water supply requirements. All that is required to run the system is 208-240VAC, three-phase, 40-Amp power.

    Each of the 7500’s rollers measures 19.75-inches in diameter, which increases tire-roller contact area and decreasing tire wear and tire temperature. Each roller surface is knurled for maximum traction, whilst a belt-drive connects the primary roller set to the secondary roller set – minimizing “rocking” on the rollers and keeping wheels safely centered between the two sturdy roller sets. The 7500’s stout frame is fabricated from structural steel for maximum life and durability, while the bearings, couplings, and related mechanical components are machined and over-engineered to insure years of trouble-free operation. Every 7500 Series dynamometer is individually tested and inspected to insure the highest degree of quality and performance.

    The 7500 dynamometer is controlled and monitoring by a sophisticated DAC based control and Data Acquisition Platform, the 7500-DAC-F, with Mustang’s intuitive and powerful 7500-SFT-F Software as the user’s primary interface to the 7500 Series’ many testing capabilities. The 7500-DAC-F communicates to your Pentium IBM Computer via a Serial Port Interface, while a hand-held pendant allows the user to place primary commands to the central computer from the cab of the bus during testing. The 7500-DAC-F is housed in a standard NEMA enclosure, suitable for wall or stand mounting. The 7500-DAC-F enclosure includes an Emergency-stop button, pendant port, 7500-400-F sensor input port for speed and torque, Serial Communications Port, Three Eddy Current PAU Power Output, and 208-240VAC, three phase, 40-amp power input.

    The 7500-SFT-F is a Windows Based Software Program with several layers of testing capabilities designed to help the modern fleet technician correctly diagnose and repair today’s modern Fleet Vehicles. In addition to being flexible and powerful, the 7500-SFT-F is surprising easy to use and understand – with pre-designed test templates, easy-to-understand menus and commands, and user-configurable pass/fail set-points, preferences, and settings. The 7500-SFT-F includes the ability to record and display both dynamometer related parameters like power and torque as well as vehicle-related parameters like engine temp and pressure, via the optional 7500-ECU-F Module. The 7500-ECU-F interfaces to all Engine Control Units that utilize either J1708 or J1939 Protocol.

    The Standard 7500 Series Software includes features to test the following major vehicle parameters:

    • Engine Performance – Peak Horsepower and Torque Test
    • Transmission Up-Shift Test
    • Transmission Down-Shift Test
    • Parasitic Drag Check
    • Cruise Control Check
    • Road Load Simulation
    • Speedometer Check
    • Manual Load Control Test
    • Acceleration
    • Constant Speed
    • Constant Load
    • Retarder Test
    • Warm-up Test
    • Thermal Test – cooling fan switch
    • Simulate New York Bus Drive Cycle, and other Heavy Duty Drive-Cycles (non-motoring)
    • Governed Speed Check
    • Pre-Inspection and Post-Inspection