1000 Series

1000 Series Eddy Current Chassis Dynamometers

Mustang’s 1000 Series sets the industry standard for heavy duty eddy current chassis dynamometers due to its rugged design, accurate loading capabilities and economic value. Simulate on-highway driving conditions under real-world loads. Adjust loading to simulate a host of in-use operating conditions.

Standard Features

  • Powerful Air-Cooled Eddy Current Loading
  • Ultra-Fast load response
  • Accurate Road load, trailer weight and hill climb simulation
  • Low maintenance design (no water)
  • High-strength rugged construction
  • Test heavy-duty tandem axle trucks
  • Test Durability, Emissions, Fuel Consumption and more
    1000 Series

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    Mustang’s 1000 Series heavy duty truck dynamometer has a standard peak horsepower measurement capacity of 2,000 hp, enough to handle most standard trucks, including tandem axle Class Eight tractors. The standard 1000 Series includes two MDK-400 air-cooled eddy current power absorbers that give the power to absorb up to 1,200-hp intermittently. Additional power absorbing units and PAU cooling fans are available to increase the loading capabilities. The 1000 Series is also available in multiple design configurations to meet virtually every possible testing scenario and to cover the vast majority of heavy duty vehicles on the road.

    Other features include a rugged, unitary frame and flexible tandem axle spacing. The precision machined rollers mean you can conduct sustained tests at highway speeds. With Mustang’s sophisticated control software, you can design a wide range of tests including three-stage diesel lug down – and provide both on-screen and print-out results. Controls include a wireless hand-held unit, so operators can control the test from the cab of the vehicle.

    Options include PAU cooling fans to help keep the air-cooled PAUs cool, additional axle sets, variable speed engine cooling wind simulators, and integrated diesel opacity meters.