Cab Testers

Mustang Advanced Engineering has the right resources and products to assist in the engineering, development and validation of your hybrid and electric vehicle systems.

Standard Features

  • Smoother and more efficient assembly line operation
  • Reduction of costly end-of-line rework
  • Dependable J.I.T. shipment schedules
  • Reduced field problems and warranty issues
  • Verification of cab design at pilot build
  • Easily upgradeable increasing the useful life of the tester
  • Eliminates the cost of dedicated programming stations on the assembly line
  • Keeps your problems in-house – the closer problem detection is to it’s source, the better chance you have of eliminating it altogether
  • Certifies the quality of the cab
  • Reduces the time required to trouble-shoot and resolve cab issues

Product Details (click to enlarge)

  • HEMTT Console



Right now virtually every automotive OEM and tier supplier around the world is in a race to develop the next generation hybrid electric vehicle powertrain system or sub-system to satisfy all of the conflicting demands for driving performance, improved fuel economy, effective and efficient power management, and reduced vehicle exhaust emissions.

Rapid hybrid systems development in today’s globally competitive business environment can often feel like a daunting puzzle. Solving the puzzle requires highly-sophisticated and technically-advanced testing and simulation systems to test and validate each component or sub-component independently, using Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation to take the place of missing elements of a powertrain system.

Mustang Advanced Engineering has the right resources and products to assist in the engineering, development and validation of your hybrid vehicle systems. As a leading supplier of testing and simulation solutions for the development of powertrains and powertrain components, MAE has been involved in the development of advanced HEV testing and simulation test systems from the very beginning. MAE delivered one of the industry’s first hybrid electric vehicle test systems for GM’s EV1 program in the late 1990’s. When the competition was just learning what a hybrid was, Mustang was delivering more systems for Allison Transmission’s hybrid vehicle powertrain development.

Since then, MAE has continued to develop industry leading hardware and software for testing applications ranging from AC Engine Dynamometers, Electric Motor Test Systems, Inverter Test Systems, Battery Simulation Systems, Full Powertrain Test Systems, and Complete End of Line Multi-Function Test Stands for production testing and validation.

So when you are looking for a solution to a difficult simulation challenge or a have a missing piece to your hybrid puzzle, turn to the experts at MAE. Our experts can assist with consulting, engineering assistance, performance & validation products and testing services.

MAE’s Hybrid Development Product and Capabilities Include:

  • AC Engine Dynamometers
  • Electric Motor Test Systems
  • Inverter Test Systems
  • Battery Simulation Systems
  • Full Powertrain Test Systems
  • EOL Multi-function Test Stands


  • Designed for optimal performance and longer life on adjustable frequency power.
  • Provides continuous constant torque down to zero speed.
  • Custom designs for any base speed and extended top speeds.
  • Capable of handling the most demanding applications from fractional to 1,000-hp.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • 150% maximum overload torque from zero speed to base speed for 1 min.
  • High torque to inertia ratio – up to 80% less inertia than the corresponding standard NEMA frame motor.
  • Capable of high speeds due to lower rotor inertias and high power density.


  • Dynamic Load and Motor AC Dynamometers from fractional to +1,000 hp
  • Speed ranges up to 20,000 rpm
  • Full range of cooling & conditioning modules available
  • Environmental and climatic chambers
  • Precision power measurement and full integration of power analyzers
  • Modular design approach


  • Systems for validation of power electronics and energy storage solutions
  • Energy recovery batteries
  • Electric motor emulators
  • Pre-fabricated containerized test cells


MAE has extensive experience in the field of production/in-process testing and offers a variety of products and services to support your HEV production testing requirements. MAE’ s engineers will work closely with your team to custom tailor a solution to solve virtually any production testing challenge.

MAE has developed systems to handle multi-function vehicle testing, production electronic & wire harness testing, chassis sensor and electronic testing, production engine and transmission testing and many other applications. MAE can upgrade your existing production line hardware and software, interface with existing databases or supply a complete turnkey HEV EOL testing validation solution.


MAE offers full powertrain test systems that allow the complete powertrain to be tested outside of the vehicle. MAE can supply complete turnkey systems to precisely simulate full road load and inertia simulation with accurate speed synchronization of the powertrain inputs and outputs. Control of sub-system and powertrain test articles are independtly controlled; such as shifting the axles, shifting the transmission, shifting the transfer case, and controlling the input motor (Engine).

Full Powertrain Test Systems

  • Modular AC Motor Dynes
  • Engine or AC Motor Input
  • Power Analysis
  • Engine Emulation and Inertia Simulation
  • Battery Simulation
  • Cooling and Conditioning Modules
  • Data Acquisition