MAE Wins High Speed Regenerative AC Dynamometer Bid

Posted on April 10, 2009 Comments are off for this post

MAE is awarded the coveted 465 HP, 12,000 rpm High Speed Regenerative AC Dynamometer Project for the new Ground System Power & Energy Laboratory(GSPEL) at TARDEC (Tank and Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Centers) in Warren Michigan. Being Awarded this project further advances Mustang Advanced Engineers capabilities in supplying high speed AC powertrain test systems. The high speed test stand consists of a liquid cooled 465 Hp Variable Speed AC Dyne Motors capable of sustained speeds of 12,000 rpm and torques of 2,450 Lb-ft of torque. This highly engineered dynamometer is one of the highest torque to inertia AC dynamometers ever built. The dynamometer will consist of a dual stator design on a common rotor shaft design. The system is capable of inertia simulation over a large range of inertia down to 0.3Kg-m2. The dyne motor and control system is designed for 4-Quadrant bi-direction Motoring or Loading capability. Mustang is using our “Advanced Green Initiative” high efficiency regenerative system to convert the absorbed power in to electricity and put it back on the power line. The test stand will be used for various advanced design and development applications with functionalities including:

  • Inertia Simulation
  • Torque Estimator
  • Speed Control
  • Torque Control

Connected to the dyne’s output shaft is a, low inertia, high precision 0.03% accuracy class, torque disc to measure the torque applied by the dyne to the test article. Mustang is supplying a Liquid and air Cooling System for the dyne.

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