MAE Releases Optimized PAC/PLC Data Acquisition System

Posted on March 25, 2009 Comments are off for this post

MAE releases our New Optimized PAC / PLC Based High Speed Control and Data Acquisition System. (Programmable Automation Controllers-PAC, Programmable Logic Controllers-PLC). Mustang has teamed up with Allen Bradley to produce this industrialized control and data acquisition system. This non proprietary hardware control system uses off the shelf Allen Bradley PAC / PLC components in an optimized configuration to control and acquire data from various Test Stands and Production Activities. Mustang and Allen Bradley have a 30-year history of joint project applications and teaming. The PAC / PLC Based Control and Data Acquisition System was developed to meet our customer’s demands for:

  • Easily Available Non-Proprietary Hardware
  • Robust Construction with 99.9% Up-time
  • Customer needs a Self Sustaining Platform
  • Configurable with Scalability
  • Used in a Wide Range of Environmental Conditions
  • International Support and Parts Availability
  • Cost Conscious Solution


Mustang listened to our customers request and developed a cross platform control and data acquisition system which operates on the following hardware platforms:

  • MicroLogix: PLC platform, cost effective
  • CompactLogix: PLC platform , cost effective with high performance capabilities
  • ControlLogix: PLA platform for Ultra High Performance and High Channel Density.

Virtually all of Mustangs PC based Control Systems can Interface to the new PAC / PLC Control and data Acquisition system via high speed digital Interface to transfer data from the PAC / PLC to the Operator PC. A watch dog verifies both entities are operating correctly. The Operator PC stores the PAC / PLC data and sequences the control commands to the PAC / PLC. Compatible Mustang PC Control, Automation and Data Acquisition Systems:

  • EDTcell – Engine Test Cell Test Cell Automation and Data Acquisition Software
  • T&PDTCell – Transmission & Powertrain Test Cell Automation and Data Acquisition Software
  • PowerDyne – Chassis Dynamometer Test Cell Automation and Data Acquisition Software
  • TowDyne – Tow Dyne Control and Data Acquisition Software
  • MotorDyne – Motor Dynamometer Control and Data Acquisition Software.
  • TestCell™ – Test Cell Automation and Data Acquisition software
  • MAPS2– Manufacturing Advanced Production Sequencing System Software
  • Inspection-Maintenance – Safety & Emissions Single and Multiple Position Software

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