MAE Receives Award of NASA Transmission Test Stands

Posted on April 3, 2009 Comments are off for this post

This project further establishes MAE’s Advanced Engineering capabilities. The high speed test stand consists of two liquid cooled 200 Hp Variable Speed AC Dyne Motors capable of sustained speeds of 15,000 rpm. The equipment and control system is designed for 4-Quadrant bi-direction Motoring or Loading capability. Mustang is using our ÔÇťAdvanced Green Initiative” high efficiency AC power recirculation power structure to operate the Dyne motors. The test stand will be used for various advanced design and development applications including:

  • Space: NASA’s Rover Vehicle Drive System used in Non-Earth based space vehicle applications.
  • Aero: The Test Stand will be used to test variable speed rotorcraft transmission applications.
  • Land: Testing various new concept manned and unmanned transmission and powertrain systems

Connected to each dyne’s output shaft is a, low inertia, high precision, torque disc to measure the Test Article’s Torque. Mustang is supplying a Cooling System for the dynes and the test article. The Test Article oil cooling system consists of a high and low pressure system capable of cooling the oil to user adjustable set-points. The Flexible and User Configurable control Software is based on our industry leading Transmission & Powertrain Dyne Software package allowing the operator various speed, torque, power, polynomial loading, script building, data playback and manual control of the system. The control system is interfaced with Mustang’s Non-propriety PLC based control and data acquisition system.

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