MAE Develops 8×8 Independent Wheel AC Motor HD Truck Chassis Dynamometer

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8x8 Independent Wheel AC Chassis Dynamometer

Mustang Advanced Engineering recently completed development of the most sophisticated heavy duty truck chassis dynamometer on the market. Yes, MAE has built 7 axle chassis dynamometers, and yes MAE has built AWD independent wheel end chassis dynamometers. Now the bar is raised. This titan of a chassis dynamometer consists of 8 independent motors attached to each roll located under each wheel assembly. The 8 independent chrome plated 48” diameters rollers can be cross coupled or independently operated. Each wheel can be independently operated in any of the available control modes or can be configured to follow the feedback or command of any other roll. The ultra-flexible system allows development of (2×4, 4×4, 6×6, 8×8) traction control, stability systems, braking systems, performance, durability, emissions, powertrain calibration, and hybrid integration system monitoring. This type of pre-designed laboratory grade system, with minor design modifications, can be installed in many other testing environments such as wind tunnels, climatic chambers, NVH, EMC/RFI, high altitude and other specialty chambers and/or environments and greatly expands the testing possibilities for R&D.

The 4-Axle 8×8 chassis dynamometer is configured with larger capacity motors on the rear four rolls and normal capacity motors on the front 4- rollers per current customer request. The combined peak full load capacity of the motors is 1,200 kW (1,600 Hp) with a combined wheel force of 260,000N (58,450 Lbs.). The system is capable of operating at speed up to 130 km/hr (81 mph). The 4-Axle chassis dynamometer is equipped with one fixed roll set and three independently adjustable roll sets to accommodate a wide range of axle wheelbases from 1,350mm to 12,000mm (53.2″ to 472″) with a wheelbase adjustment accuracies of +/-2mm (0.08″). The system is also supplied with a large, fast-responding motoring/regenerative variable speed cooling fan system which replicates wind speeds up to 130 km/hr (81 mph).

The state of the art system is complimented with many other features such as fuel measurement and conditioning system, weather station, ECM Interfaces and data collection systems, engine rpm monitoring systems, vehicle weight scale, comprehensive data acquisition system and Mustang’s PAC/PLC controller. An expanded version of Mustangs Multi-Track Chassis Dyne Control System is also supplied. The Multi-Track control system allows for independent control of each independent roll motor as well as the vehicle cooling fan and operator test display trace. The Multi-Track is configured to communicate with the Allen Bradley MicroLogix’s PLC controlling the complete system with dual control room monitors, remote drivers trace monitor and remote hand pendent system.

Delivery and commissioning of the system is scheduled for this coming March in Beijing, China. To learn more about how MAE can help solve your most demanding testing challenges contact one of our sales engineers.

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