Mustang Advanced Engineering Delivers End-of-Line Greensmower Tester to The TORO Company

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 Comments Off on Mustang Advanced Engineering Delivers End-of-Line Greensmower Tester to The TORO Company

MAE End of Line Test Stand for The TORO CompanyJanuary 26, 2012 – Mustang Advanced Engineering delivers an end-of-line tester to The TORO Company for their line of Greensmowers. The unit is replacing The TORO Company’s existing outdated unit.

The custom dynamometer designed for The TORO Company uses two 6.5”-diameter rubber-coated rolls that provide a special grip for the lawnmowers. Two strain-gauge load cells accurately measure the precise reaction torque from the dynamometer’s two 150-hp motors, with easy calibration to ensure continuous accuracy.

Adjustable motor bases and telescoping drive shafts give the unit flexibility for the variations in size between Greensmower machines. Loading and unloading mowers is as simple as decoupling the drive shafts and removing the mower from the test stand.

The end-of-line tester was designed to allow continuous, real-time monitoring of the mower’s speed and temperature. Throughout the test sequence, other values that are tested include:

  • Oil Pressure
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Engine RPM
  • Engine Oil Temperature
  • Vehicle Power Output

With the end-of-line testing dynamometer, Mustang also delivered a custom EOL software package specifically designed for both electric and gasoline models. The software comes with a touch screen interface with clear, easy-to-read controls and pass/fail results.

The software has robust customization options so that The TORO Company’s rigourous PASS/FAIL criteria can easily be tweaked  and adjusted in the future. Specific test sequences have been written for each unique lawn mower, which are easily selectable at the beginning of the test. Designed for high throughput, the software is simple and clear, making it easy to run test after test, and assuring that every Greensmower that leaves The TORO Company’s facility is working perfectly.

“This comprehensive End-of-Line tester for TORO is another great example of the custom solutions we design and build for our customers” said Dean Ganzhorn, Mustang President and CEO.  “This particular project was exciting because of the unique form factors of the mowers and the very thorough testing procedures that TORO puts their equipment through. We’re proud to have supplied TORO with this tester.”

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